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Film & Video Production Services

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Call: (+44) 01383 415690 (UK office hours only)



Theatrical - Cinema / Film Production

Whilst Studio Scotland is no longer involved in the full production of feature-length theatricals (cinematic films), director Stewart Menelaws and producer Deborah Forrest are available for freelance work on productions that are of particular interest.

Documentary Production

Studio Scotland is actively involved in producing documentaries and is available to discuss projects that interest them. The company has a number of productions airing on various networks and VoD channels. Studio Scotland was recently awarded the Best Educational Documentary award in the USA.

Broadcast Subcontractor Services

As a listed company with a number of film/video production agencies in the UK, Europe, USA and the Middle East, Studio Scotland is often contracted to provide film and audio recording services for other companies. This has included programming for documentaries covering human interest and European politics through to motorsport, American industry and technology. The studio is fully equipped and meets the required standards for professional production as outlined in the European Broadcast Union guidelines.

TV Commercial Production

Over the years, Studio Scotland has produced a wide range of TV commercials for a number of clients airing on terrestrial television and cable networks, although web infomercials and branded trailer promos are a more common form of advertising that we work on nowadays.

Corporate Video Production

Our client list and testimonials speak for us. We are a dedicated team of experienced professionals with years of ‘know-how’ and our aim is always to deliver... on time and on budget - and to exceed client expectations.

"I really enjoyed planning our film with them, as their professional ability kept me entirely focused on the best approach to get the results I wanted. On this, they delivered big time and we now have a very potent sales and marketing tool with the film they produced, which will set us apart from our competitors."

Commercial Video Production

Understanding what our client requires - and what their customer needs - is paramount. Film / Video production techniques and technologies should always be a given when working with a professional company like us. What is essential is to work with people who understand what it is YOU are trying to achieve. Our aim is to over-deliver.

"It’s a joy to work with seasoned, innovative professionals who know what is important for a successful production and can deliver the goods on time."


Training Video Production

Over the years we have produced a number of specialised training productions that are prepared for a wide range of media from video DVD, VOD to PowerPoint presentations, marketing displays and various social marketing platforms. Getting your message across requires careful planning and production.

"We intend to make many more DVDs with Studio Scotland in the future; it's been one of the best things we have ever done."


Educational Video Production

Studio Scotland has produced a wide range of educational materials for both classroom education and private organisations. Our production staff are experienced in dealing with sensitive issues and 'special needs' environments.

"Working with Studio Scotland has been a breath of fresh air. The delicate way they have handled our shy, nervous crew has been professional to a fault."


Media Training

Camera, lights and action… silence… For anyone who has found themselves tongue twisted as soon as the camera begins rolling, you will know that it is an unpleasant experience. But it does not need to be that way. We have trained TV presenters and Academics so that they are confident and able to deliver. This bespoke service is time-constrained, so please call for a chat with Deborah our Head of Production first.


"Working with Studio Scotland is always a pleasure. My media training was conducted with care, sensitivity and great attention to detail. Their experience and professionalism were clear throughout and the results were immediately obvious. I was also sent away with clear instructions for further exercises so that I could revise and practice the methods I was taught. I would unreservedly recommend their media training course." 

Amazon Prime TV Distribution

Studio Scotland has had many productions airing on Netflix and now on Amazon Prime TV and, as a content provider, we act as a distributor for a wide range of other productions. Please see our Distribution Page by using the drop-down menu at the top of the web page.