Master the art of plastering. This tutorial covers the basics of internal plastering including applying lime plaster over solid backgrounds or timber laths. Starting with the first coat - application, keying and curing - the viewer is taken through the whole process of plastering with lime.
If mortars are made correctly then a large number of problems of failed, cracked, crazed or boss render, plaster or pointing work will be eliminated.

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  • Correct background preparation
  • Lath preparation and fixing for riven & sawn lath
  • Screeding a wall to ‘flat’ and square
  • Good bonding for 2 & 3 coat work
  • Working with ‘grounds’
  • Mixes and finishing coats
  • Plaster repair and patching

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Applying Lime Plaster

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    NB The DVD version is not available from us in the USA / Canada NTSC format – however you can download the digital version by clicking the link above.

    Approx. 55 minutes

    Produced by – Studio Scotland Ltd

    All rights reserved – Copyright 2019

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