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Amazon Prime TV Distribution

For the last 15 years, Studio Scotland Ltd has been a delegate at TV and film festivals such as Cannes TV & Film Festivals, Toronto Film Festival, Sheffield Doc and Edinburgh TV/Film Festivals with cinema feature film, TV documentary, series and specialist programmes aired on various networks around the world.


With over 35 years in the multi-media industry, in recent times the company has itself become a content provider for digital platforms and has a number of programme series and documentary films airing on Amazon Prime TV.


If you are a professional film maker looking to get your project aired on Amazon Prime TV and require distribution help. Please send details of your production to us and we will take a look to see if it is content we would accept.


Content Categories: Feature Film / Documentary / Education


Format: Stand-alone / Series (incl Episodic) 


Technical: All productions must meet technical broadcast standards and, where required, Studio Scotland will create or amend (only on suitable productions) provided files to meet those standards. Depending on the level of work required, this will incur a fee which will be agreed before any work is done.


Legal: All materials, regardless of category and genre, must be fully cleared for broadcast with due diligence, clearances, signed releases, permits and copyright agreements in place as required. This is a legal requirement and is the sole responsibility of the producer.


Terms: While acceptance of a project for broadcasting cannot be guaranteed, if we choose a production then we deem its chances of a successful submission to be good.


Contact: Please contact the production department: Production Enquiry