A multi award winning business and production company 

A multi award winning business and production company 

Equipment for Sale

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Equipment for Sale

Last update 6th March 2020

Metz Mecablitz 60 CT-1
The Metz Mecablitz 60 CT-1 comes with flash+bracket+battery case+battery charger+strap+2 cables. The unit has been well looked after. The battery that slides into the battery box no longer holds a decent charge so it needs replaced. The connecting cable from flash to camera is a brand new replacement. The unit has the usual worn cosmetic marks but is sound. One of the connecting clips for the movable diffuser is broken but the other clip holds it well enough.

Fujinon ACM-18

The Fujinon ACM-18 is a lens adapter for the 1/2" CMOS chip PMW-EX3 camcorder. This adapter allows the 1/2" chip camera to utilise high quality 1/2" Fujinon lenses using the B4 mount. Very good condition and glass clean from scratches. Comes with caps.

Petrol PEGZ-2 Large Eargonizer Audio Bag with carry strap and snap-on wireless RX/TX pockets

Petrol (owned by Sachtler) bags are very well made for the professional market and this one, while it has seen a fair amount of use is in good condition. Usual marks and a little signs of wear but overall a very good example with all the usual sections for mixers, recorders, cables, batteries and various compartment holders. Same spec as the Sachtler SN602 Large Audio Eargonizer Bag.

  • Main compartment fully padded

  • Transparent top window allows easy viewing of controls

  • Removable internal dividers for custom configuration

  • Access to all mixer panels - side, back and top

  • Multiple storage pouches

  • Double floor aids headphone cable organisation

  • Internal pocket

  • Exterior straps for carrying a boom pole and extra cables

  • Padded adjustable shoulder strap

  • Expandable system with snap-on pouches for transmitters or receivers


Petrol PS605 Audio Pro Bag Harness
Used with a large Petrol/Sachtler audio bag, this heavy duty harness support, is in good condition from brand new. There are very little signs of wear and includes various clips and boom pole support. Comes with a snap-on wireless RX/TX pocket and pull-cord storage bag.


Arri - Ianiro RedHeads 800w lighting Kit

Genuine Ianiro REDHEADS (Varibeam) - very little use from new (no bulbs) complete with barndoors. A great opportunity to pick up a set of 2 high quality 800w lighting heads from this world class lighting manufacturer. They cost approx. £340.00 each.

£180.00 + £14.00 Delivery

Flightcase Heavy Duty + Castors High Quality - Black 

Brand new / unused! High Quality heavy duty Flightcase (by Flight Case Warehouse). Energy absorbing polymer foam, heavy duty fittings and locking castors on shock resistant double platform. Two lids - rear and front. Inside dimensions H. 53cm x W. 51cm (With centre partition)  x D. 49cm (not including front/rear lids).

Cost approx. £580.00 and has never been used. (PC inside case in pic 2 is for illustration purposes only) £140.00 + Delivery (due to size, would need to get a quote)

Slide Projector Aldis  (Collector’s piece)

This Aldis 35mm slide projector is a real collector’s piece from the 1950s



Cokin Filter Set – Genuine P Series

For sale – A complete set of Genuine Cokin filters not to be confused with cheaper knock-offs of inferior quality.

In this set are:


  • 5 Filters specifically for B/W photography – RED, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE

  • 5 Graduated filters – 4 Special effects filters – Holders and hoods.

£60.00 + £12.00 delivery

AJA Kona 3 PCI Video Card with Rack Breakout Box and cables


We are selling our AJA Kona 3 card with breakout box, cables, Software Disc and Manual - as we no longer require it. The card was originally used within a MAC G5 and the box rack mounted. It is in perfect working order and everything is in very good condition. The set up was only used occasionally as part of one editing system requirement. Cost well over £2000.00 new from our media dealer. We no longer have the original box for it so it would be packed in something suitable for transport.

£90.00 + £10.00 Delivery

IDX Camera mains supply unit – AC-100 V-Mount - Brand New


This 100 Watt V-Mount AC Adaptor power unit will fit directly onto a V-Mount as well as power via the supplied IDX power cord - and is specifically designed to power broadcast cameras and equipment requiring 14.5 volt DC/6.9 Amps Max. The unit comes with power cord and 4 pin camera/equipment connection cord.

This is the perfect unit when you cannot rely on batteries to power your camera/equipment for long periods of time. The unit is brand new, originally purchased for an overseas commission but was never used.

Input: AC 100~240V 50/60Hz

£180.00 + £14.00

Sony LMD 9050 Field Monitor

This superb field monitor by Sony is an excellent accessory when needing to view when filming or when playing back via your camera. Component/composite and SDI via 2 channels with all the usual broadcast standard features. As you would expect, colour and exposure are accurate and can be trusted to show you what your camera is actually seeing.

Comes with V-Lock battery mount and Sony mains unit adaptor which slots onto the V-Lock. Originally costing just under £3,000.00 the unit is in perfect working order. Cosmetically it still looks good having always been well looked after, as you would expect there are the odd light scuff marks here and there but the screen is very good condition.

£480.00 + £20.00

Apple Mac G5 Pro Quad Core for spares repair

Apple Mac G5 Quad Core complete with memory, graphics card etc. but no longer working. Internal battery holder damaged and possible either PSU, memory or graphics card failure. Hard Drives removed. Case in very good condition.


Exhibition Poster Rails

We have a number of bright alloy poster rails of two different model types available. Sold as a job lot. They are in good condition but some have double-sided tape on them which would need cleaned off. There are 14 tube / hanging style (87cm in length) and 4 (63cm in length) and 11 flat sprung style (87cm in length) and 2 (63cm in length).

Originally used for exhibition and window display work utilising posters. They are a timeless design and commonly used for display work.

£40.00 + £20.00 delivery