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Another professionally filmed 60 minute production, jam packed with film, interviews, hints and tips for both the model railway newcomer and keen hobbyist. Part 3 takes the viewer into the world of railway modelling, filming around the country with interviews from leading manufacturers and dealers such as Bachmann Europe, PECO, Hornby, DCC Concepts and many more. From the garden shed to the garden itself – featuring both modeller and model railway clubs. Visit model railways that tell a story and discover the marvels of 7¼ scale engineering that will take you on a journey through forest and hillside. This highly informative and engaging presentation makes it an ideal gift as well as an excellent resource to have to hand – the perfect complement to DVD 1 & 2 although this one is now only available in HD Digital Download.
Watch the trailer!

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Building a Model Railway 3 - The World of Modelling

  • BUY HERE to download the digital version to your computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

    Approx. 60 minutes
    Produced by – Studio Scotland Ltd
    All rights reserved – Copyright 2020

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