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The LampLight Project

Why do you believe what you believe?

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According to the Bible, the beautiful planet we call Earth was at one time created perfect. Tragically, the rebellious actions of man have left our world broken. With paradise lost – human history records a painful journey of survival and a quest for answers to life’s greatest questions.

This 12 part systematic journey of the Christian faith begins in Genesis with questions on origins, "Where did life come from?" ending in Revelation and the eternal hope for all who have put their trust in God.

Powerful presentations from academics, scholars and researchers discuss:

  • The debate on origins – How did we get here? Does science provide the answers?

  • Regarding intelligent design – Who or what is responsible and for what reason if any?

  • Where did the Bible come from and can it be trusted?

  • What do the 66 books of the Bible actually say?

  • What is Biblical prophecy? How does it differ from the visions of Nostradamus?

  • Who is Jesus of Nazareth - and why the bloody event that took place on a cross?

  • What is a Christian? Why does Jesus say, “Many are called but few are chosen”?

  • Angels and Demons? Are they real or imagined?

  • What are the great warnings of “Spiritual Deception”?

  • Understanding Biblical Interpretation and the views of the Early Church

  • What is the End of the Age and the return of Jesus Christ?

We live in a world that has unprecedented access to knowledge. The information superhighway has opened the door to any and every subject you could imagine. Yet, with such access comes the need for great discernment - and reasoned thinking has never been more important, than it is today.

Packed with interviews, film, illustrations and graphics - and with a free interactive study guide, The Lamplight Project will help empower you to make informed choices about why you believe, what you believe - about God, the Bible and the world in which you live.

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