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A fictional film based on the investigative TV documentary – The Daniel Project.

As the world becomes embroiled in financial instability, increased natural and man-made disasters and escalating terrorist attacks, frightened citizens look to governments… a world leader… to keep them safe.


Available as a DVD using your payment card or PayPal account (charged in your local currency).  


  • Only available in the Canada / US format of NTSC which most DVD players and laptops will play.


    This special edition DVD version is only available under a limited licence directly from the production company Studio Scotland. The Daniel CONNECTION is rated as a 12 certificate.


    Approx. 90 minutes
    Produced by – Studio Scotland Ltd
    All rights reserved – Copyright 2014

  • Handling and Shipping is charged at Checkout when you enter your country.
    Orders processed within 24 hours.
    Not tracked.

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