Full length 90 minute feature film. This special edition DVD version is only available under a limited licence directly from the production company Studio Scotland. The Daniel CONNECTION is rated as a 12 certificate  – also see the Description below.

Only available in the Canada / US format of NTSC which most DVD players and laptops will play.

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  • The Website contains full details at www.thedanielconnection.tv
    As the world becomes embroiled in financial instability, increased natural and man-made disasters and escalating terrorist attacks, frightened citizens look to governments… a world leader… to keep them safe. In a bid to “keep People Safe”, politicians sanction the formation of a new counter terrorist unit called the “Federal Protection Force” (FPF).  As the root cause of increased terrorism is deemed to be religion, the heads of major faiths come together and agree that ALL paths can lead to God, and await a leader to lead the world under the simple global banner of ‘Love Good and Love your neighbour’. When people start to go missing – coupled with increased sightings of UFOs around the world, detective Brian Farrow turns his attention to the feisty young radio presenter Dani Makovitch as she begins to question the true purpose and origins of the Federal Protection Force. Ancient documents hold the key as she quickly comes to realise the one burning question that needs to be answered. Can the FPF be stopped – or is it already too late?

    A fictional film based on the investigative TV documentary – The Daniel Project.

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