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The Daniel Project Documentary

Are we near the End of the World?

TDP Trailer 2016
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The Biblical record makes astonishing claims about who we are and what our end will be. The claims are either true or false. There is no midway.

After many years of research into Biblical mysteries, the British film production company Studio Scotland produced The Daniel Project, a television documentary which has since been broadcast globally on various networks and has caught the attention of audiences around the world.

Since the dawn of mankind, apocalyptic 'end time' or 'end of the world' visions and prophecies have been recorded by ancient civilisations, from the Sumerians to the Maya. Today’s Pop Culture continues this infatuation with other worlds, alien invasions and visitations with movies like Star Wars, Star Trek, E.T, Alien, Close Encounters, Stargate, V and Independence Day. The list grows every week.

So, is Bible prophecy another science fiction - or observable fact?

It is claimed that individuals like the prophet Daniel from ancient times, recorded warnings from visitors outside of our time domain. Warnings that only the final generation would understand. Many scholars are convinced there is overwhelming evidence that this final generation is living now!

Are prophecies unfolding before our eyes? It’s up to the viewer to investigate matters further - because if they are - it could be life changing. Join sceptical presenter Jeremy Hitchen on a journey that may well alter your whole world view.

This 90 minute feature length investigative documentary which has been hailed as "the best Bible prophecy film made", presents a systematic and fast paced overview of a complex subject. This special edition DVD also has extras which include an interview called "The Way of Escape"

***NEWS*** - Now turned into a Full Length Feature Film -

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