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Film Products

Film titles currently available for purchase in either DVD or video on demand are shown here.  Click on a cover to view details or purchase. Dedicated websites on some titles are listed under the Home menu above.​

Model Railways documentary takes the viewer on a journey to discover this wonderful hobby.
Masterstroke applying lime plaster with the professionals.
Masterstroke surface repair of masonry with the professionals.
The Daniel Project is a 90min feature TV documentary on Biblical prophecy.
Building a Model Railway 1 is a 60min 'how-to' DVD.
Building a Model Railway 2 DVD is a 70 min production.
The Daniel Connection is a 90min full length apocalyptic thriller.
Masterstroke making lime mortars with the professionals.
Masterstroke pointing  & building with lime with the professionals.
Masterstroke applying lime render with the professionals.
Masterstroke Special Offer: Bundle of 5 DVD / VoD
Spirit of Discovery is an award-winning documentary about science in the classroom.
The LampLight Project is a 12 part journey through The Bible.
The Dinosaur Project - an inconvenient discovery is a documentary challenging the world-view that dinosaurs went extinct millions of years ago.

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