Winner of The Best Educational Christian Film
Inspiring the new generation of scientific pioneers –
from Truth in Science

This powerful 60 minute presentation brings together a number of top scientists who encourage the viewer to take a critical look at the world of science. Packed with illustrations and award winning graphics.


Beginning with an overview of the great thinkers from the past, we see how they were captivated with a passion to discover and invent, changing history and opening doors for the scientific discoveries of today.

Presented in a chapter by chapter format to aid viewing, four groups of science students embark on a journey to discover ‘birds in flight’, the astonishing world of ‘machines in nature’ the complex workings of‘the giraffe’s neck’ and the wonders and complexity of‘DNA’.


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The Spirit of Discovery

  • Featuring interviews with:

    Dr Sylvia Baker, Prof. Andy McIntosh, Prof. Stephen Taylor, Prof. Stuart Burgess, Dr Georgia Purdom, Dr Nigel Robinson

    “A highly informative production that I have been privileged to take part in…” (Dr Sylvia Baker – Educational Consultant)

    If future generations of scientists are to be successful in their research and discoveries, our young people must be encouraged to follow the evidence – wherever that may lead…

    ***** “Critical thinking in the science classroom is imperative…” Prof. Andy McIntosh

    ***** “I want students to understand both science and philosophy…” Dr Sylvia Baker

    ***** “We must go where the scientific evidence leads…” Prof. Stephen Taylor

    A Truth in Science Project

    Produced by – Studio Scotland Ltd

    All rights reserved – Copyright 2017

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