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Drone Services

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Drone Services at Studio Scotland

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Aerial photography and filming have always been a part of work undertaken at the studio utilising a mix of single engine aircraft and helicopters. In the late 1980s, company director Stewart Menelaws designed and built large scale model aircraft to carry both stills and video camera systems which would see the company procure various contracts with councils, construction companies and a variety of organisations.

In the late 1990s, the company was approached by an archaeological team to construct a large model helicopter, complete with a gyro mounted video camera system, to go in search of Noah's Ark within the Ararat Mountain range in Turkey. Sadly, due to armed conflicts and the dangers involved for anyone attempting to visit that region, the Turkish authorities could not clear the project visit.

In 2014, the company hired the services of an experienced model aircraft builder and drone operator to build and modify a drone that would be used in the feature film - The Daniel Connection


Today, drones are common place and we have used the services of drone operators where required. Drones come in all shapes and sizes and are designed to meet a range of requirements. As of 2021, Studio Scotland can offer a fully insured professional drone service with qualified operator. Used on our Amazon Prime documentaries, including tracking model railway locomotives, we have used drone filming throughout the country, demonstrating the versatility of these flying cameras both technically and creatively.

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