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The Master Stroke

Lime Plaster


The Master Stroke Applying Lime Plaster

Master the art of plastering. This tutorial covers the basics of internal plastering including applying lime plaster over solid backgrounds or timber laths. Starting with the first coat - application, keying and curing - the viewer is taken through the whole process of plastering with lime.

  • Training & Retraining for Skills Today!

  • Correct background preparation

  • Lath preparation and fixing for riven &

       sawn lath

  • Screeding a wall to ‘flat’ and square

  • Good bonding for 2 & 3 coat work

  • Working with ‘grounds’

  • Mixes and finishing coats

  • Plaster repair and patching


Approximate running time 55 minutes

If mortars are made correctly then a large number of problems of failed, cracked, crazed or boss render, plaster or pointing work will be eliminated.

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