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The Master Stroke

Lime Mortars


The Master Stroke Making Lime Mortars (Absolute must have - See independent review)
The making of mortars is more often than not passed down to the least skilled member of a building squad or team. In reality, the making of mortar properly eliminates a very large proportion of the common defects associated with building work today.

  • Training & Retraining for Skills Today!

  • Checking sands & aggregates

  • Checking silt and clay content

  • Checking void ratios of sands & aggregates

  • Set up a productive mixing area

  • Binder to sand ratios & mixing times

  • Using the correct equipment

  • Mortar batch consistency


Approximate running time 55 minutes

If mortars are made correctly then a large number of problems of failed, cracked, crazed or boss render, plaster or pointing work will be eliminated.

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