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The Daniel Project


Special Edition DVD Reviews:

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"The Daniel Project: A masterpiece of Biblical Prophecy – This documentary is very well done, and holding the energy for a full length flick is an acquired talent void of most film makers. Thankfully, this documentary holds you on the end of your seat, explaining the main points of Biblical prophecy in modern terms and shows the real-world events that have happened, or are set to happen. Double Thumbs Up!"

Rob Daven (USA)


"Thank you for so promptly sending me my copy of the Daniel project and my sincere congratulations on its quality. I have a low tolerance for hype and the balance and tone you adopted for the documentary are commendable indeed."

Warwick Thorpe (New Zealand)


"If there is any film that you must see, it is this one. The past, present and future of mankind is explained. Very interesting regarding current world events."

Maria Skliris (Australia)


"I just wanted to offer a comment on the DVD, and the Bonus DVD that was enclosed. I found it RIVETING, and have watched it at least 20 times so far. It needed no gimmicks, or special effects, to make it so. I have recommended it to all on my mail list, and other sites I visit."

Robert Hamby (Canada)


"I recently purchased a copy of The Daniel Project DVD and wish to say that my family and friends were greatly impressed with the quality and depth of this presentation. The first thing that we found very encouraging was the fact that is was made from a secular perspective. So impressed was I with this documentary, that I have sent my copy to David Cameron in tonight's post."

Peter Condon (UK)


"I bought the DVD, a well made documentary from a different perspective, which is fresh and unique.
If you had it translated in Chinese that would be even better!"

Kevin Ho (China)


"I would like to congratulate you for such a great documentary; it’s such a great Wake Up Call."

Aldo Melchizedek Lombardi (Malta)


"Congratulations on putting together this great documentary. I agree with the other reviews about the level of product and wish you every success with the distribution and take up of the film with TV and cable studios around the world."

Mark Sutcliffe (USA)


"Thank you for taking the courageous risk to produce such a high quality film on eschatology; it does speak for itself."

Kevin Parker (South Africa)


"We would like to place a second order of 12 DVDs. It is too good a message not to share."

Stirring of the Water Ministries (UK)


"Outstanding documentary! Really opens the eyes up of what is really going on. The prophecy of the restoration of Israel in Ezekiel is what really floored me. My faith has been strengthened from this documentary and has given me strength to argue the scriptures with the sceptics. Thank you! 5 stars!!!"

R. Claypool (Canada)


"I received my DVD set and immediately sat down and watched the entire DVD set including the support and additional materials; thank you so much for your outstanding and professional production."

Calvin Moon (USA)


"People need to see this video, it's important. This video is one of the top videos I've ever seen. Listen everyone its important."

Steven Guy (UK)


"I have watched this dvd and it is truly brilliant. I want to go through it again with a fine tooth comb to make sure I understand it more fully…"

Vee (Australia)


"Very, very well made accurate documentary to make us all think about the events that have and are taking place world wide."

Rosie Higgs (UK)


"World class documentary, very professionally made…"

Philip Moss (UK)


"I think it is the best produced DVD on the end times I have ever seen. The visuals are fantastic and stunning."

John Haller (USA)


"I'd like to encourage all who haven't watched this yet to get a hold of your own copy today!"

Chuck Jenkins (USA)


"We greatly enjoyed this video over the weekend. It's a must see."

Miranda Darling (USA)


"Excellent DVD....Easy to understand, the best Bible prophecy DVD I have seen. Well thought out and put together. Highly recommend it."

Christine Howarth


"Absolutely brilliant, everyone should see this!"

Margie Stoltz (S Africa)


"What could be more exciting and gripping than a futuristic film based on fact."

Suzanne Simpson (UK)


"A compelling and significant documentary of our time! Thank you for a precise, well-researched presentation of events past and present that have definitely influenced the lives of many over the last century; and still continues to intrigue us as a race!"

Rozelle Johnson (South Africa)


"This documentary is a MUST SEE, it is factual, insightful and provoking, all at the same time. It is concise and focused on telling a story, which some may dismiss as conjecture. However, to those who have taken time, or will be challenged to such an extent that they are willing to take the time, to review the evidence before us."

Alan MacKenzie (South Africa)


"How easily, for example, our financial institutions fell apart in the last two or three years, starting with Northern Rock and then on through the banks. Who would have foreseen such near disaster? Makes me wonder about the things we put our trust in and how stable they are."

Andrew Holden (UK)


"Well if you want to know what's happening to the world and why it appears to be going mad, watch this and you will understand. Jacob Prasch lives up to his reputation as a fantastic bible expositor who can describe in a deep yet simple way exactly what has happened, what is currently happening and what will happen according to bible prophecy. This is a must see documentary! Fascinating!"

Norma McDonald (UK)


"The Daniel Project is an amazing documentary that I found confronting, challenging and revealing. It explores a subject that is as relevant as tomorrow's newspaper headlines, a subject that everyone is interested in, namely, what is going on and what's coming next! The film unravels predictions of past history that were made with total and undeniable accuracy and links them to life right now in 2012. This is not a 'must see film' in the way that films are exaggerated and hyped-up these days, this is a film that will make you think, consider and react in a way that may save your life."

Dennis Hirschfield (Australia)


"This is an excellent DVD. An honest and direct commentary by Jeremy Hitchen plus the expertly explained biblical prophecy by Jacob Prasch will prove fascinating to all. The bonus materials on the accompanying disc also include an interview with Jacob Prasch and excellent graphics of the Temple Mount. Love the music, congratulations to all at Studio Scotland."

Talita Hills


"…many other peoples who have foretold future events with much more publicity, (aka Nostradamus) & have only been partially right, yet they have not had anywhere near the detail that Daniel has."

Tony Piche


"I have longed for a DVD like this one to be made."

Steve Mitchell (UK)


"The Daniel Project is a compelling presentation which is professionally presented in a neutral and unbiased way."

PJ Cusack (Ireland)


"Fantastic! Biblical prophesy so well researched and presented you are left anticipating the next fulfilment."

Lisa Prince


"…watch this secular unbiased documentary. It is a compelling message that must not be ignored. The future… will be scary or exciting, depending on whether or not you are ready. The prophecies are stunningly real and many have already been fulfilled, like clockwork …there is an escape and you owe it to yourself to find out."

José Chaparro (USA)


"Just watched this, it was brilliant, concise, to the point, effective and delivered in an informed way leaving the viewer with choices - excellent."

Sarah Penn (UK)


"I have been loaned a copy of your DVD, and been totally impressed with the content... I have studied prophecy (eschatology) most of my life and have not seen the scriptures explained so dynamically before. Once again, very impressed with this DVD…"

Bob Robertson (Australia)


"Just watched the DVD on the Daniel project which was so very, very well done and made by talented Scottish people… it is so heart warming to watch a very well executed film…"

Sheila Watt (UK)


"We have watched this Daniel project last night at our church and I once again realised how accurate God's Word is..."

Yolunde Wilken (New Zealand)


"Having seen the Daniel Project DVD we have a deep conviction that it is a 'must see'."

Russ Fairhurst (UK)


"I have been loaned a copy of your DVD, and been totally impressed with the content, and production of this DVD. I have studied prophecy (eschatology) most of my life, and have not seen the scriptures explained so dynamically before."

Bob and Linda Robertson (Australia)


"I have watched the daniel project documentary and 85 min bonus dvd with James Jacob Prasch. Excellent stuff. The material in this documentary is priceless. I recommend it to everyone interested in where they might spend eternity. The Facts, yes Facts are real and are within sight for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Can't wait to share it with family and friends."

Maurice Gibney (Ireland)


"Watched the DVD last night - great analysis and easy to follow.”

Chantelle Basson


"Awesome presentation. Well thought out and reasoned.”

John Dunn


"Just watched the DVD on the Daniel project so very, very well done, and made by talented Scottish people. It is so heart warming to watch a very well executed film, I am so proud of you all.”

Sheila Watt (UK)


"I very much appreciate you producing this DVD, which is a great follow-up after end times conversations that I'm having with as many people as possible these days.”

M Wendy Evans (UK)


"I would like to congratulate you on an excellent DVD.”

David Symons (UK)


"I am so grateful for your commitment to this project."

Barbara Hanner (USA)



We continue to receive hundreds of excellent reviews which we will add in due course. Thank you to all who take the time to write to us or post their comments on facebook. It is very much appreciated.

Focus Group Market Research Results:

Results taken from a demographic cross section

"An excellent tour of biblical prophecy brought to a needle sharp urgency by Jeremy's journey. A compelling documentary that everyone should watch."

Andrew Kember (Software & Systems Developer)


"Unlike films in a similar vein, the facts within this production shouldn't be so easily dismissed. Could there be a much bigger picture that most of us are ignoring and, ironically, we appear to be behaving as prophesied?"

Marc Pye (Television and Film Script Writer)


"I found the film informative and challenging. Humanity needs to consider carefully what has happened in the past, what is happening in the present and what will happen in the future."

Marilyn Clunie (Store Manager)


"I found this film really informative, exciting and scary all at the same time. I loved the way the film was made, allowing the viewer to make up their own mind particularly as this documentary will shake up a lot of people. To be honest, it's pretty hard to ignore."

Andrew McBean (Security Guard)


"Clearly, we are all in a lot of trouble if something isn't done soon. At an hour and a half long the content is superb! For the amount of material the documentary has to cover, it is an excellent piece of film-work."

LA Morrison (TV Film Producer)


"Well presented in a logical and clear format. The content is very persuasive and very challenging and, while I am no expert, I thought this was a fantastic production that was beautifully filmed."

Shonagh Ferry (Artist)


"This production has presented a difficult topic in an informative and entertaining way and kept my interest to the very end. It appears that the events are certainly in the process of accruing, almost as if it is completely inevitable."

Evert Pieterse (Web Designer)


"Quite simply, this is an excellent production both in structure and breadth of treatment. And it certainly makes a powerful case for the plausibility of biblical prophecy. A must watch!"

Chris Highcock (Government Official)

Viewer Comments (continued)

"Probably the most important documentary I have ever seen. I would describe it as inspired and ground-breaking in its field. Challenging and compelling. This is a must-see for 2012 and the clock is ticking..."

Nicholas John Szkiler (UK)


"We would like to place a second order of 12 DVDs. It is too good a message not to share."

Stirring of the Water Ministries (UK)


"Excellent production! It will open one's eyes to the truth of what is happening in our troubled world… Do yourself a big favour. either get the DVD or try to watch this film as soon as possible!"

Ian Chapman (UK)


I have just watched 'The Daniel Project' and I really need to buy a number of copies. I have been following Bible prophecy for over 20 years now and this is definitely a movie that everyone needs to see."

Shaun Edghill (Australia)


"The best videos on this subject. The happenings in the middle east are daily news, the Daniel Project gives the viewer real insight into the reasons why."

Sandra Steele (UK)


"I have just watched with my family the Daniel Project. It is probably the most well presented end times documentary I have seen. Powerful and thought provoking."

Jason Wright (UK)


"This is timely and powerful food for thought and much to ponder for the soul. Great, great job! Thank you so much."

Terri Prasch-Ward (USA)



Debbie Meyer (USA)


"I was much impressed and enlightened by the two DVD's of The Daniel Project."

Bill Paterson (UK)


"As a Christian I must say this is without doubt the best DVD on Bible prophecy I have ever watched."

Daniel Coull (UK)


"Excellent!! A well worth watch indeedy :)"

Janice Galbraith (UK)


"Well done, smartly presented for a cynical and apathetic media-saturated age. Five stars and several thumbs up, if I had more than 2! Bravo."

Mary Danielsen (USA)


"Excellent Film!!!!"

J. Glen (Ireland)


"I purchased your DVD and just finished watching it. EXCELLENT!"

Bari Bair (USA)


"This video is a must to view for those of all faiths, atheists and agnostics."

Teresa Bourn (USA)


"It has been well researched, is professionally presented and, most importantly, easy to understand. I watched it and am passing it on to family and friends."

Jenny Cochrane (UK)


"I just saw the trailer for your incredible."

Karen Kolbinsky (USA)

"The Daniel project movie was a pleasure to watch, especially as it did not present
prophecies in an often exaggerated manner..."

Sigvard von Brevern (UK)


"I recommend this DVD very highly for both those with Biblical knowledge and those without. It is extremely well produced and presented, impartial, and leaves one understanding the current world events and those to come. If you are interested in your life, and those dear to you, this will give you hope."

Mark van Niekerk (South Africa)


"I wanted to compliment you on the look and feel of the film. I really enjoyed the way the widescreen format worked with your framing choices. The vistas of the Dome of The Rock were particularly stunning. Great work!"

Gregg McNeill (USA)


"A wonderful and intriguing documentary. I was lucky enough to have worked on this project as a second camera operator; I wouldn't call myself a religious person however I have great respect for it. I found myself going on a personal journey during the making of it. One of the most unique experiences was a conversation Jacob and i had about religion and the dwindling number of young people who understand it, a fascinating man with a great presence that makes you want to listen."

Andy Graham (UK)


"I watched this last evening. As a Christian of over 40 years and a teacher on bible prophecy as well as being a Christian TV presenter I must say this is the best documentary covering bible prophecy I have ever seen. It is presented in a calm, well paced manner with stunning inescapable logic. I truly believe this dvd should be on everyone's shelf."

Bob Mitchel (Shofar UK)


"Excellent production, very precise, direct and honest and a refreshing change from the apocalyptic movies circulating. I particularly enjoyed the graphics regarding the re-building of the temple and the water course, which really helped my understanding."

Pauline Nicholson (UK)


"First of all, I want to congratulate you on one of the best documentaries opening the Bible to the general public I have ever seen! To have a confirmed sceptic, agnostic allowing himself to be challenged and exposing himself to some bizarre scriptures that many would openly scorn as fantasy was brilliant! Jeremy came across with such integrity and genuine curiosity."

Clive McLaren (UK)


"This is the most important film of our time! I Love this documentary! Everyone should own it! This film is definitely a must see."

Aaron Barr (USA)


"Amazing dvd! Everyone needs to watch this!!!"

Josie Louise Ward (UK)


"Two thumbs up! The Daniel Project is the best documentary I have ever viewed. I had to watch it twice in the first two days of owning the DVD because it so good."

Jackie N Nick (USA)


"The Daniel Project is that unlike similar documentaries made by the "secular" world, Studio Scotland took the subject seriously and in doing so produced what I believe is the most important DVD in this genre of it's time."

Stuart Wilson (UK)


"Just watched this film twice today, it's informative, compelling and full of hope."

Bernadette Pickering (UK)

"The film has me wanting to watch it over again, I did not want it to end. It lays out the facts and gets straight to the point; if it were any more clear... it would be see through."

Kale Elaenk


"My sister shared this dvd with me and it was such an eye opener… I have watched it three times in one day!"

Becky Withrow (USA)


"I have watched the Daniel Project recently and found it to be Informative and challenging!!!! Passed it around friends, family and work colleagues… they all agree…a fantastic production that bravely confronts the issues that face the 21st century. I really hope that similar projects are in the pipeline as I am sure they will be GREATLY received…"

Al Jones (UK)


"Your production is fantastic and I believe it is very important that it would be made available in German as well!"

Georg Hagedorn (Germany)


"It was a pleasure to talk to you this morning and to learn just what an immense project this is.”

Mairi Brunton (UK)


"Bravo for the excellent dvd. :-)"

Michael Arveda (UK)


"Thank you for producing 'The Daniel Project'. It is an excellent film."

M Wendy Evans (UK)


"I would like to congratulate you on an excellent DVD.”

Matt & Angi Maye (UK)


"I recently purchased the Daniel Project DVD and think it is brilliant."

Susanne Twine (UK)

"Do you know if a copy of The Daniel Project has been sent to any MP's, particularly the Prime Minister?”

Kathy Halliday (UK)

"It is rare that I recommend a secular DVD on Christianity, as most are poorly researched, biased and unfair in their conclusions. However, The Daniel Project is an exception, as it based on the following challenge; Christians claim bible prophecy is being fulfilled before the world's eyes and is one of the clearest proofs that God exists - if that's true, let's investigate these prophetic claims and put them to the test. In doing so, the documentary comes to the conclusion that in fact, the prophecies of the Bible are not only true, but in being proven as such, the non-Christian must continue the journey and further investigate the Christian faith and its God. I believe that Christians and non-Christians alike need to watch this!”

Benjamin (Australia)

"I just watched your DVD and I think it's terrific.”

Richard Dino (USA)

"Great. Really enjoyed this.”

Pete Lockwood

"Saw dvd tonight a lot what was said did happen according to the bible.”

Seugnet Janse van Rensburg

"Great job!”

Joe Daltorio (USA)

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