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The Daniel Project

Film Crew

Director of Photography: Stewart Menelaws

Stewart Menelaws carved out a career as a successful commercial and advertising photographer in 1987. Specialist lighting, visual effects, extreme camera techniques and darkroom trickery became his trademark. With considerable advertising campaign experience, he went on to design, direct, produce and edit feature film, TV documentaries, TV commercials, corporate, commercial and educational films. He is MD and Creative Director of Studio Scotland Ltd.

With 35 years experience working in the creative industries and a former 'Independent Certified Expert' (ICE), for Sony Europe Limited and listed DoP/Dir for various international agencies, Stewart has worked in various countries around the world and is often called upon to find creative solutions, in often adverse conditions and challenging environments.

His work has been seen on the Big Screen, numerous TV networks, advertising campaigns, corporate showreels and  photographic work viewed on billboards, bus sides, magazines, brochures, exhibitions, window displays, carrier bags, coffee table books, calendars, post cards - and the list goes on and on…

“I have always had a keen interest in archaeology, ancient civilisations and the mystery of life. The Daniel Project required years of research to fully understand what is a compelling subject and to that end it has been a privilege to be part of this and to meet and talk with so many interesting people in countries throughout the world.”

Head of Production: Deborah Forrest

Making her entrance on film as a school girl in the 20th Century Fox classic, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Deborah has over 30 years experience in the media including researching, scripting, filming, directing, producing and editing documentary and factual programmes. Deborah regularly attended international market festivals in Cannes, Toronto and The Edinburgh Film and Television Festival.

As head of production, Deborah liaises with clients, organises production schedules and oversees daily shoot timings, making sure the team are able to get all the shots required and with minimal disruption to the client and their customers. Once the film / video project reaches the post production stage, again, Deborah will liaise with the client and film / video editor to ensure the project is kept on track.

Deborah herself has been the subject of a national TV documentary for innovation in business.

“With a background in research and an interest in ancient history, I first learned about this subject in the late '80s and became determined to thoroughly investigate, document and film it. I want to debunk the myths - whatever they are! However, working on The Daniel Project has had a profound affect on my life - which was quite unexpected...”


Sound Production: Keith Elman

Originally hailing from New York, Keith has been involved in professional imaging for 35 years working closely with Stewart Menelaws. Initially cutting his teeth in photography Keith later moved into education, Information & Communication Technologies (ICT), audio engineering and sound production. Keith plays a vital role in keeping abreast in regard to the continually changing face of media delivery.

Having worked for ten years teaching in Scottish high schools, Keith brings to the production team a unique perspective (in the film industry) and academic experience which has proved valuable on training and educational film projects. In addition to sound production duties, Keith, as a certified data network engineer (Cisco Academy) also oversees company ICT provision and new media technologies for web, Internet and mobile formats.

“Working on this project has been a personal challenge for me in several ways. For instance, I'm there monitoring and mixing audio for all these experts so I'm naturally keying in to every word, every sound, when all of a sudden I'm hit with a jaw-dropping statement that goes right through me. The thing is, with this project, it's hard not to take it personally.”


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