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Making The Daniel Project

As film makers what is your aim for this production?

We believe that recorded eschatological events found within ancient biblical texts merit serious investigation primarily because of the impact they claim to present to the human race and its environment. If there is truth behind these claims, then the resultant concluding effect on every living creature on this earth will be significant, if not catastrophic. Our research into these claims, particularly historical prophecy fulfilment, offers the possibility, and perhaps even the likelihood, that such future events are inevitable.

The trend within the broadcast industry is to avoid this topic due to a lack of relevant knowledge, dealing with it in a less than rational approach, i.e. sensationalist, just being afraid of the subject altogether or because it is seen as "religious" and therefore nonsensical. Studio Scotland has taken a bold challenge to present this subject the way it should have been presented, where previous attempts have fallen short. With all preconceived beliefs and arrogance put to one side, individuals should be given the opportunity to know the facts in a rational, easy to understand manner, making informed decisions about how they will deal with destiny should these future predictions become reality.

Director of Photography: Stewart Menelaws

“I have always had a keen interest in archaeology, ancient civilisations and the mystery of life. The Daniel Project required years of research to fully understand what is a compelling subject and to that end it has been a privilege to be part of this and to meet and talk with so many interesting people in countries throughout the world.”

Head of Production: Deborah Forrest

“With a background in research and an interest in ancient history, I first learned about this subject in the late '80s and became determined to thoroughly investigate, document and film it. I want to debunk the myths - whatever they are! However, working on The Daniel Project has had a profound affect on my life - which was quite unexpected...”

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Production Notes

Deborah Forrest:

Although my own upbringing was very new age/Buddhist/philosophical, my interest in Bible Prophecy was born in the late 80s when I was involved in researching for another film about the subject. I had since kept an eye on world events in the light of the prophecies and in the last 5 years, with an acceleration in natural and man-made disasters, the rise of Iran and Turkey as world powers and the increasing conflagration in the Middle East, I saw it was time to take a hard look at the subject - before it was too late! By that I mean, before all the prophecies had come to pass without us realising it was happening. I had to seriously ask myself if such a thing was really possible. The rest of the crew at Studio Scotland were equally enthusiastic and so we began to research and develop 'The Daniel Project'.

Our first challenge was how to present it. There were plenty of (often very poor) religious attempts to do so, and others which were not religious but which, in my opinion, were either extremely biased one way or the other or very badly researched. What was also clear to us was the need to be careful of a fictional treatment as ancient biblical texts, notably the books of Genesis, Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation have certainly been inspirational to many films dealing with alien encounters and cosmic battles. Creative director Stewart Menelaws, while keen to touch on the world of science fiction, was adamant that we keep our imaginations restrained and allow what ever facts are available to tell the story.


Secondly, we didn’t want it to be a Big Preach so we required balance. We realised we were taking the viewer on a journey into places they may never had been before and although a number of famous faces had told us they were interested in being involved, we wan