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When her 'rogue reporter' best friend dies shortly after investigating reports of UFO sightings, a feisty young radio presenter realises more people are disappearing every day. With the brutal Federal Protection Force gaining power around the world, can she trust the troubled detective who is asking a lot of questions – and what is the connection with ancient prophecies and a secret Key?

"Gripping… Stunning… Fantastic… Wonderful… Challenging… Thought-provoking…"


Dani Makovitch is a presenter at RFB – Radio Free Broadcast – one of the few radio stations still broadcasting freely in a world that is becoming more and more paranoid due to the increase in terrorism and a populace in rebellion as draconian control systems are put in place by an ever more unified one world government.

"What a tremendously enjoyable film! Challenging, thought provoking and incredibly timely, you NEED to see it."

With the Federal Protection Force patrolling the streets and watching every move that citizens make, it is increasingly difficult to exercise any freedom of speech. However when Dani’s phone-in program features callers with information on the increased alien sightings, a sinister call makes Dani realize that ‘they’ are indeed everywhere.


"From the opening sequence, which was filmed exceptionally well, I knew this was going to be a winner. I was not disappointed. There was not a moment to pause for breath;"

When her best friend and flat mate, the underground reporter Susan Ashler dies shortly after visiting the site of increased UFO activity, Dani’s world starts to fall apart as she discovers that not only have people been going missing, but there is evidence of strange prison camps where whole families are being held illegally.

"Incredible. I have never seen anything like it; you need to see this film."

When she is approached by Adrian Dobson to search for his wife Maria, Dani starts to feel cornered as the troubled Detective Inspector Farrow gets a little too close for comfort.

"Not only was this a brilliantly presented, written and shot feature, it also attaches to some very real world events...."

With a warning in her ears from Susan’s stepmother Veronica, Dani doesn’t know who to trust when she discovers the FPF are searching for a mysterious Key which is linked to ancient predictions. As mention of these prophecies surface everywhere she goes, Dani’s life is turned upside down as the hunt for the missing Key intensifies – and she realises time is running out.

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