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The Daniel Connection Premiere Night:

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What a wonderful night! A full house of 300+ in one of the largest cinemas in Edinburgh, Scotland. The audience reaction was truly amazing. Throughout the 90 minute film, they were glued to the screen and as the curtain fell and the house lights came up, there was silence. You could hear a pin drop. And then the applause began…

Gripping… Stunning… Fantastic… Wonderful… Challenging… Thought-provoking… on and on came the spontaneous comments as the audience filed out of the theatre. See reviews below.

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The Daniel Connection Premiere Night Behind the Scenes Film:

We are now able to bring you the highlights of that night (above) including interviews from members of the audience and director.

A huge thank you to all who made the trip to attend the event – especially those who came from as far as Sweden, London, Aberdeen and around the UK.


The Daniel Connection in Hollywood


We will be updating our news regarding the USA release as soon as we can… if you were at the premiere please post your comments on our Facebook and IMDb sites.


From those attending the Premier Night


"My friend invited me to this premiere. I am glad that I went, because this is the best film that I have seen in years. You think you know what is happening, and what is going to happen next.......yeah, right. By the end of the film you don't even know who you are anymore. Utterly mind bending. I haven't stopped thinking about it since. When can I see it again?"

Johnny Coleman


"From the opening sequence, which was filmed exceptionally well, I knew this was going to be a winner. I was not disappointed. There was not a moment to pause for breath; you had to listen and watch diligently; the sign of a good thriller... There were many unanswered questions, which is a sign of good film making leaving an audience wanting more."

Colin Higgs


"What a great night; I found it to be gripping, thought provoking, intense... in fact very powerful..."

Brenda Morrison


"Incredible. I have never seen anything like it; you need to see this film."

Charlie Davidson


"Fantastic movie with a gripping story line that really makes you think. Very well put together and a good level of character development along with great camera work and sound track to enhance and immersed one further into the film. The film grips you from the start but continues to enthral you further as the story develops. Interesting concepts and great conspiracy theories. Just shows that a smaller scale development company can rank up with the large scale corporations with ease."

Scott Kinghorn


"The film was fantastic!!! So happy I was part of something so amazing!"

Susannah Young


"On the face of The Daniel Connection it would seem it's simply a high budget Scottish psychological action movie. Which is a huge achievement in itself. However when the end credits roll it becomes increasingly apparent there is much more to it than that...

"Not only was this a brilliantly presented, written and shot feature, it also attaches to some very real world events which do nothing but set the intrigue on high alert from the first 5 mins... So if you like factual global conspiracy theories or just a damn good action movie you won't be disappointed with this one. A strong recommendation for The Daniel Connection - go see this movie, then make them make a sequel."

Simon Hay


"What a tremendously enjoyable film! Challenging, thought provoking and incredibly timely, you NEED to see it."

Jenny Pirie


"WOW!!! Was left speechless. I have never been to a film where the audience was totally silent afterwards. I was taken back by the actor's and actress's individual performances. Thank you for such a special and unforgettable experience."

Jonny Kane

"Really enjoyed the film! Very thought provoking, informative but still entertaining! Loved seeing some familiar locations. Edge of your seat stuff."

John Baillie


"Loved this thriller from start to finish. Truly an edge of your seat film. It makes you think of life and what is important. Can't wait to see it again. Highly Recommended."

Margaret Morrison


"It gripped you from the start and held you to the end; what more could you ask for? ... would love to see a sequel!!"

Lee Davis


"Loved it! It was so well done and all the acting was flawless. Everyone who was there was captivated by it. Great film!"

Emma Ruse


"Great film... I always enjoy seeing familiar parts of Scotland on screen but when it's coupled to such a thought provoking story it's win, win."

Ross Mason


"Very timely film for the present world scene. Bible prophecy coming to pass before our eyes. The music was excellent and fit the production really well. The film was tense."

Janet Hodgson


"If you are a lover of edge of your seat thriller movies, then you would love this film! The Daniel Connection, which is based on there very well researched Documentary, The Daniel Project. The theological research that this is based on adds a disturbing dimension to it that most thrillers don't have ! Well done all..."

Robert Yates


"Was magical. Everybody played their part superb. When is the follow up, lol?"

Stevie Meldrum


"What a truly incredible film! Gripping from the start, it drew the viewer in. Every second counted. Very thought-provoking and challenging subject matter - one might even say critical. And all portrayed through first class cinematography, with a soundtrack which kept the audience in a state of tension and expectancy - excellent! I have never before been to a cinema where the audience were completely silent at the end - and what an end! - a measure of the impact it made on us all. High quality movie from a small Scottish production team. Very proud of them! A must see!"

Shonagh Gawthorne


"Congratulations, amazing job done by all.. thought provoking, powerful and entertaining... You cant ask for more. Was great to feel the audience reaction to it:) Gxx"

Gareth Morrison


"Thought the film was great, a really fast paced thriller based on a fascinating subject. Can't believe how quick the time went past. The cinematography and sound was first class."

James Jarvie

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