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The LampLight Project


The Lamplight Project is a non-partisan / non-denominational production brought to you by the film and TV production company Studio Scotland. It has been produced in a bid to bring many of the great Biblical topics of the Christian faith into an engaging multimedia format to help in the education of those who desire understanding of the whole council of the Word of God - and for those who are looking for a powerful teaching aid to equip and train believers.

“If ever there was a time this presentation was needed… it is definitely now."

This 12-part multimedia presentation builds chapter upon chapter and we recommend starting at the beginning and working through to the end. While each chapter is relatively self-contained and can be studied in isolation we do recommend viewing all 12 sections as each shines a light on the other.

“My faith is soaring as each section moves forward."

The Lamplight Project comes complete with an interactive study guide which can be downloaded and printed out and or used on mobile devices. Our study guide is connected to over 400 short and long form films on a host of Biblical topics from a variety of experts.

“First class; what a tremendous presentation on such a wide range of biblical subject matter."

What began as a relatively simple overview of Biblical topics would soon turn into a major undertaking that would involve extensive travelling to interview scientists, theologians and researchers. To illustrate the project, a large number of film and photographic agencies were contracted along with many contributors supplying high quality materials such as The Jesus Film from the producers at Inspirational Films.

"I can’t think of any other project that covers such a diverse range of biblical topics and so well done at that…."

We are sure you will be challenged and inspired as you work your way through nearly 5 hours of film footage over the next few weeks and months, working with the interactive study guide – alone or with others - expanding your knowledge as you study inductively to show yourself ‘an approved workman’.


Go to the contributor’s page to view biographies.


LampLight linked products also available: Does My Life Have Meaning? / The Jesus Film

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