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Because The Lamplight Project has been made for Bible study, we have provided a free downloadable interactive study guide. As of February 2019 we updated The Lamplight Project to Version 2 due to the addition of a notable Bible scholar (only available in HD digital download). In conjunction with this update, we have released version 4.0 of the Study Guide.


As the guide becomes more widely used, user feedback will help to develop this powerful tool. We will notify you and provide free updates as and when they are produced. Please note you can download the complete interactive guide via the link above or individual sections for ease of printing by clicking on the links below.

01-Introduction incl Cover & Index

01-Introduction - no cover   02-Chance or Design

03-Intelligent Design/Creation     04-Biblical Roots  05-The OT     06-Jesus Christ & The Gospel            07-The NT     08-What is a Christian?    09-Angels & Demons   10-Spiritual Warnings  11-Interpretation & The Early Church  12-End of The Age-Eschatology


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Lamplight Project Series on Amazon Prime TV

Now airing on Amazon Prime TV - The Lamplight Project 12 part series takes a journey through The Bible from Genesis to Revelation with leading international scholars and academics beautifully illustrated with award winning CGI graphics and film.


Developed in 2016 and utilised in Bible collages, prisons, rehabilitation units, the military and many church and home study environments around the world. This exciting series is also supported by a website library with over 1,000 studio interviews covering some of the most deeply asked questions regarding the meaning of life.