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Build a Model Railway


Welcome to Build a Model Railway Gallery. Here you can view a small number of images taken of the model layout sections featured on Parts 1 & 2 of these productions. Browse the thumbnails and click the one you wish to view or just sit back and enjoy the slideshow.

Gallery Image Descriptions

  1. Single LMS locomotive on turntable - The turntable is a PECO product and has been spray painted in a gunmetal finish. The inner walls were lined with strips of card with a two toned brick finish to compliment the engine shed. The 060 Class 3F with the Deeley Tender is a Bachmann model and once again we have liberally used a number of Metcalfe card kits. Roads were made by cutting the foundation shape with thin balsa wood sheeting and stone card glued to the surface. Edges were finished and a light weathering was given using water colour paints. The little bollards are from the Scenecraft range.

  2. Viaduct scenery with realistic water, model boats and fisherman - The viaduct is another Metcalfe Models card kit that has been modified and built into a drop section of the railway. Designed to be dropped into the baseboard sections, this cameo was built long before the main baseboards were in place. Balsa wood and card sheeting was used to create the side walls, pathway and road. The riverbed was first painted with acrylic paint, beginning with dark blue/green to represent depth and working out to a sandy colour at the edges. Transparent drying wood glue was used to seal all edges and to adhere the gravel and stone chips in place. It took 3 coats of Aqua Magic water effect to create the finished result.

  3. Single LMS locomotive and shed with figurine train driver (engineer in N. America) and water crane - A Bachmann Midland 1F 0-60 sits by the water crane, fire buckets and engine driver add a nice touch. A Metcalfe water tower can be seen in the background.

  4. Hillside scenery with model industrial manufacturing building and train tunnel - Once again, Metcalfe Models card kits and card printed materials were used to create this industrial yard while a combination of Javis, Woodland Scenics materials and Gaugemaster Trees were used to form the hillside.

  5. Through tunnel shot of train entering station with over-track pedestrian platform walkway - The view through the tunnel is a favourite of mine as it shows the main station, East Gate. Buildings are Metcalfe, some of which have been modified and the station platforms are made using MDF cut to shape, covered with balsa wood to bring the platforms up to the required height and finished with card paving sheets and flag stones. The sides were covered in brick sheet with the addition of buttresses using a thicker card and all edging painted. A little weathering was done to take away that perfection look. Fencing, lamps, doors, barge boards and footbridge were spray painted LMS Maroon.

  6. Shot of multiple trains in train yard - High angle shot showing a Hornby Princess Coronation Class “Duchess of Athol” with Hornby rolling stock pulling out of the station while a Bachmann Midland 1F 0-60 pulls a horse box towards the livestock platform. A Bachmann Class 5 LYR 2-4-2T can be seen hooking up to a number of coal wagons while in the background we can see an 060 Class 3F with the Deeley Tender which is once again a Bachmann model.

  7. Wide view of LMS locomotive and engine shed / house with railway buildings and rolling stock - In this view we can see the use of various Metcalfe card buildings with a Bachmann Class 5 LYR 2-4-2T being brought out of the shed. The engine personnel, water crane and fire buckets are from the Bachmann range. Fencing is from Ratio and has been sprayed brown and the static grass was purchased ready supplied in sheet form that required cutting into strips and gluing into place.

  8. LMS locomotive next to livestock pen, loading platform and crane - A Bachmann Class 4MT 'Fairburn' 2-6-4T stands waiting next to the cattle dock which was constructed the same way as the station platforms. Accessories come from a range of kits such as Scenecraft and Ratio.

  9. Arial view of locomotive next to coal bins with rolling stock in background - Bachmann Class 5  LYR 2-4-2T sits by a coaling platform which was made out of foam board, cardboard and printed brick paper. The crane is a ratio model.

  10.  Weathered locomotive in engine shed with lighting effects - Here we see the stone Metcalfe Models Card Engine Shed which has been weathered. Replacement tile roof, moss covered walls, drain pipes and guttering and electrical lighting added. The 060 Class 3F with the Deeley Tender has also been weathered.

  11. Weathered locomotive entering engine shed with figurine train crew - Close up detail of down-pipes and guttering from Ratio plastic models. The incandescent decorative lamps are a nice touch. Locomotive crew can be seen in the locomotive cab and are suitably weathered.

  12. Weathered locomotive at rest separated from weathered buildings - A Bachmann Midland 1F 060 sits in the siding and has been heavily weathered. An oxford Diecast vehicle, suitably weathered sits out front of one of the Metcalfe Models warehouses that has been fire damaged.  

  13. Closeup view of lit and weathered / fire-damaged building - A good view of our fire-damaged warehouse in the forefront with a secondary warehouse in the background wired with both internal LED lighting and external incandescent decorative lamps. The fencing has been provided by Ten Commandments Models and adds a nice touch to this scene.

  14. Above view  of lit and weathered buildings being being passed by coal train pulling load - A good view of our fire damage warehouse in the forefront with a secondary warehouse in the background wired with both internal LED lighting and external incandescent decorative lamps. The fencing has been provided by Ten Commandments Models and adds a nice touch to this scene.

  15. Rail Gun -  A somewhat dramatic shot of Oxford Rails WW1 Bosch Buster Rail Gun sitting next to the fire damaged warehouse. This is a great model to base a suitable war cameo scene and would of course require weathering and suitable accessories to bring realism.

  16. Weathered model car accessory - Here we have a Diecast vehicle from Oxford Diecast. The car was given a light misting of dark brown spray to emulate road grime and finished with an overall matt varnish to remove the shine.

  17. Interview  - Peco were just one of a number of leading manufacturers visited, where we get to go behind the scenes of this well-known manufacturer. Probably best known for its track and magazine, Railway Modeller, Peco are a long established company and a tourist attraction with their Exhibition centre and beautiful garden railway, all located in the picture postcard setting of Beer in Devon.

  18. Interview  - Bachmann Europe Plc was just one of the leading manufacturers that we visited to find out more about locomotive and rolling stock manufacturing. Also known for their subscription magazine, The Bachmann Times, the company kindly showed us around their factory and design studios.

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