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Railway News (updated Oct 29, 2019) 

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Oxford Rail WW1 Rail Gun - Bosch Buster:

We have recently taken delivery of a number of Oxford Rail products and below you can see one of their latest models – the WW1 Rail Gun in a camouflage finish that has ‘Bosch Buster’ marked on the barrel. As you can see, it’s quite an impressive model and will be a running feature in our Part 2 film. A future release will see the Big Gun come as a set with an appropriate locomotive.  We will be catching up with Oxford Rails brand developer Scott Rhodes early next year who kindly supported our first film project…


"Building a Model Railway’ is the perfect addition if you’re just starting off in the hobby. It covers every topic in detail and allow everyone to participate in the hobby. Pushing your skills with the use of this DVD will produce a layout you can certainly be proud of. Give it a go!" (Oxford Rail: Scott Rhodes)

Harburn Hamlet, Bachmann & Metcalfe products to feature in new film:

Below is just one of a wide range of Harburn Hamlet products from the Edinburgh model railway shop. In this unfinished scene, a section of our upcoming Part 2 DVD/VoD Film, you can see their 00 scale ‘coal stay’, complete with coal and shovel, set within our modified / customised Engine shed cameo. Once completed, the whole cameo will be brought to life with various special effects. The modified shed is a Metcalfe building with a weathered Bachmann O60 locomotive. We are about to take delivery of a couple of very special products that we will be featuring shortly and we are looking forward to it… So, keep posted because we are about to launch a whole raft of features to help inform and encourage railway modellers.

Harburn Hobbies Commissioned Wagons:

Harburn Hobbies recently handed over a box of railway goodies that will play a part in our upcoming part 2 DVD/Vod “Building a Model Railway – Detail & Technology” The pic below is of a 14 Ton McEwans Brewery wagon produced exclusively for Harburn Hobbies of Edinburgh and manufactured by Bachmann Branchline. Other commissioned models in the range are also produced by PECO. Within the new film there will be a number of Harburn products featured including vehicles, scenery and accessories from the Hamlet range.

Bachmann Europe Visit


s, one of which we feature on our DVD cover and this website, a Class 5 LYR 2-4-2T in crimson.

Richard Proudman the communications manager, recently viewed the High Definition Video-On-Demand version of the Build a Model Railway film and says,

“I enjoyed viewing the film and can confirm that I was suitably impressed. The whole production had clearly been well thought out and the presentation is professional throughout”.

Of course, Bachmann manufacture many other model railway products and we will be going to Leicester later this month to interview Richard and hopefully capture some of their latest products - so watch this space.

DCC Concepts visits Studio Scotland Film Production

Sales Manager Richard Brighton came up from North Yorkshire to spend time with the production team behind “Building a Model Railway – From Start to Finish” (Part 1). Arriving complete with several boxes of digital goodies to help illustrate part 2 (Detail & Technology) which will be ready for Christmas.


While Richard patiently helped to illustrate various modelling technologies in the studio everyone had fun listening to and watching a selection of DCC locomotives running on the studio’s railway layout. A big thank you to all at DCC Concepts for their support and encouragement. If you get the chance do drop in and pay them a visit. 

Studio Scotland visits Metcalfe Models


As part of production for the 2nd ‘Building a Model Railway’ film, we took some time to travel down to Yorkshire to meet with the team of people behind card building manufacturer Metcalfe Models. The first thing that strikes you as you travel through the beautiful countryside is the idyllic setting for this company.

Metcalfe Models are most supportive of the first film project and as part of the second film, Director Nick Metcalfe gave us an excellent interview as well as showing us around the factory. It was very interesting to see how this excellent range of card models are made and look forward to see what the company has planned for future releases as they look to developing technologies. 

Studio Scotland visits DCC Concepts

While in Yorkshire meeting with Metcalfe Models filming for part 2 of the ‘Building a Model Railway’ project, we were invited to spend the day with DCC Concepts, an innovative company behind so many clever products. We filmed interviews with MD Richard Johnson and Sales manager Richard Brighton followed by a great lunch of local fresh fish and chips…

All the team at DCC were very helpful in explaining and showing Digital Command Control in operation. In due course – one of their engineers will be visiting our studio railway layout to show how to turn an existing DC layout into a DCC system. We will keep you posted

Studio Scotland visits Harburn Hobbies (Edinburgh)

As Edinburgh is not far from our studio we visited Harburn Hobbies probably Scotland’s most well-known model railway retailer that was established back in the 1930s. Director Bob Baird not only gave an excellent interview but has been very helpful in supporting the first Film project and has been supplying products for the second. Harburn not only stock a very large selection of products but specialise in limited edition and specially commissioned Rolling Stock, Scenery Accessories and transportation models.


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