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Privacy Policy

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  • This website belongs to Studio Scotland Ltd.

  • The data controller is company director, Deborah Menelaws.

  • A data controller determines how and why personal data is processed.

  • Our GDPR/Data Protection Act 2018 reference number is ZA274915

What data we need

The personal data we collect from you includes:

  • your name, address and email address when you purchase anything from our shop – but NOT your credit / debit card details which we don’t see.

  • questions, queries or feedback you leave, including your email address if you contact us.

  • your Internet Protocol (IP) address to check for spam

The legal basis for processing this data is to allow us to best serve you in a secure manner.

Why we need it

We collect data in order to:

  • respond to any feedback you send us, if you’ve asked us to

  • send newsletters to users who request them

  • allow you to buy from us

  • allow you to buy from us again without having to re-enter all your data

  • allow you to subscribe to receive further information

  • improve the site by monitoring how you use it

  • gather feedback to improve our services, for example our email alerts

What we do with your data

The data we collect is stored on a secured spreadsheet on a secure computer on a secure private network.
We will NOT:

  • sell or rent your data to third parties

  • share your data with third parties for marketing purposes

We will only share your data if we are required to do so by law – for example, by court order, or to prevent fraud or other crime.

How long we keep your data

We will only retain your personal data for as long as:

  • it is needed for the purposes set out in this document

  • the law requires us to

Children’s privacy protection

Our services are not designed for, or intentionally targeted at children 16 years of age or younger. We do not intentionally collect or maintain data about anyone under the age of 16.

Where your data is processed and stored

We design, build and run our systems to make sure that your data is as safe as possible at any stage, both while it’s processed and when it’s stored.

How we protect your data and keep it secure

We are committed to doing all that we can to keep your data secure. We have set up systems and processes to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure of your data – for example, we protect your data using varying levels of encryption.

Your rights

You have the right to request:

  • information about how your personal data is processed

  • a copy of that personal data

  • that anything inaccurate in your personal data is corrected immediately

You can also:

  • raise an objection about how your personal data is processed

  • request that your personal data is erased if there is no longer a justification for it

  • ask that the processing of your personal data is restricted in certain circumstances

If you have any of these requests, please get in contact with our Data Protection Officer.

Contact us or make a complaint

Contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) by clicking the link below if you:

  • have any questions about anything in this document

  • think that your personal data has been misused or mishandled

Contact the Data Protection Officer 

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