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Recent discoveries have caused quite a stir in the dinosaur community which has been kept very quiet... until now!


The Dinosaur Project


Before the turn of the last century, discoveries in the world of palaeontology, specifically scientific research into anomalies found within dinosaur remains, shocked the fossil hunting community.

Investigations appeared to uncover soft tissue still present within ancient fossils considered to be millions of years old. Originally dismissed as an abnormality, a fluke of some kind… until further investigations began to uncover the same soft tissue material in fossils found around the world.

This 58-minute documentary follows one of a new breed of fossil hunters, geologist Joseph Hubbard, affectionately named Indiana Joe by his colleagues, as he discusses these astonishing finds with a number of scientists who are at the cutting edge of this research. If their conclusions are proved correct, then the dinosaur story will need to be changed… dramatically, as will our understanding of the human race.

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