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Welcome to our 'Behind the Production Scenes' page where you can see our production team at work. The images below, caught on the fly, can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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Opera in Odense, Denmark - De 4 Tenors
Video Production: Commercial & promotional DVD / web movies

Denmark is a beautiful country and Odense, home of story writer Hans Christian Anderson, is a charming location for filming. We were contracted to make an opera documentary / promotional DVD for The 4 Tenors, a very talented group of young men who perform their own brand of classical arias and modern compositions.

Filmed at the Fynsk Opera House, we captured highlights of a live show and then re-created various scenes, both studio and location, throughout Odense, bringing together a documentary film stylised project. A special appearance by the internationally renowned bass-baritone, Ronnie Johanson, was an added bonus and he has asked for highlights to be edited for his own marketing purposes.

Lighting in the theatre was supplied by the theatre lighting engineer and discussions on exposure values were essential to make sure we got the best contrast ratios. Using our new LED Lite Panels Mini Plus portable lighting kit for various interviews and cameos we were able to work quickly, efficiently and virtually in any location using battery power.

Shot in High Definition, the camera was fitted with various filters to achieve a particular feel to the overall project. This was then graded in post production.

A good deal of preparation and story boarding was required and Deborah (our producer) kept a sharp eye open as we progressed over the days of shooting. However, nothing can quite prepare you for a total city-wide power blackout halfway through the evening performance. All we will say is editing was a most interesting affair.



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Keith worked with the theatre sound engineer, Torben, to record the concert audio down onto a separate recorder while simultaneously sending the audio signal to camera as a backup and scratch track. This was made possible using our new Ricsonixs Camlynx Wi-Fi audio kit.

Travelling can be a nuisance these days, but with a crew of three it is certainly easier to decant expensive delicate equipment amongst ourselves. With the purchase of our LED lighting kits we are now able to travel overseas for various projects more easily and have greater control over our lighting needs.

During our last day we captured various picture-postcard Christmas scenes and stumbled upon a fantastic Mongolian restaurant whose goods we sampled later that night.

Upon project completion the DVD will be marketed with suitably designed packaging and sold via one of our high quality large screen internet web / TV channels, as well as through international agencies.

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